Da Bonz is more than just your typical white rapper with powerful punch lines. No, even more important than that is his deep love and devotion for his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This passion is his sole reason for making music and influences every aspect of his life and career. Hard beats meet hard-hitting transparent lyricism to become an ultimate expression of worship to God.

Raised in a Christian home, Da Bonz fell in love with Jesus at a young age. In early 2000, he discovered a group called the “Gospel Gangstaz” when they appeared on the 700 Club and his second love, rap music, came to life. Since then Bonz has spent his time developing his own rap style and writing missionary lyrics. Ever since its inception, his rap career has been as a Christian emcee and his goal has been to see souls saved. That vision continues to this day.

While some Christian emcees perform only in the church, Da Bonz believes in going to the people where they are. He has performed at all kinds of venues, from backyard concerts and radio events to sanctuaries and rap battles. Yes, rap battles. Da Bonz loves to battle emcees, not in the traditional gun-popping blasphemous way, but rather by boasting in Christ while assembling punch lines that knock his opponents off their feet. Before ever recording any of his music, he spent years performing in youth groups to share the gospel message with this generation. Finally, in 2011 he released “The Game Changer Mixtape” as his first recorded body of work. By the grace of God, non-believers were brought to Christ and Christians everywhere were challenged to live out their walk in a way that changes the game for Christ.

But Da Bonz is only getting started. He continues to write, record, and perform wherever and whenever the Lord leads him. His first official release is in the works, and he’s already planning the next one. Follow him as he follows Christ.

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Phil. 4:13